About Our School

Mission of PBCS

The Mission of Pacific Brook Christian School is based entirely from the perspective of the Bible to:

  • Establish faith in each child to a point of personal commitment to Jesus Christ;
  • Impart each student with knowledge, wisdom and skills that are God’s gift;
  • Instill Godly Character in a loving, caring and disciplined environment, where students are taught respect, integrity and personal responsibility; and
  • Provide Excellent Education through appropriate opportunities for every student so that they may reach their God given potential.

Pacific Brook Christian School aims for its students to have faith in Christ and live with Godly character.

How do we work

Our school operates as a small composite class school. We have three classes: primary includes years 3 to 6; infants includes years 1 to 2; and a Kindergarten class. Due to the composite nature of each class and the particular challenges that this poses to the teaching staff, we have capped each class at 20 students.

Composite classes allow a unique opportunity for each student to have their education tailored to their individual needs. In such an environment, the student can be expected to reach their potential either by being extended or supported within the curriculum.

Contact the school for more information on (02) 6543 1114 or email principal@pacificbrook.nsw.edu.au

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